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Welcome to LAM Unlimited!

LAM is undergoing a reboot! — LIA commenced engagement on and promotion of laser additive manufacturing some 10 years ago through our LAM workshops. Since additive manufacturing is the fastest growing sector of manufacturing, with lasers specifically having many benefits in the industry. LIA will be adding virtual workshops (LAM Presents) and bringing back the in-person LAM workshop (LAM Live). In addition to the workshops the LAM Unlimited portal will offer an abundance of free resources.


The new LAM will have quarterly workshops, each one consisting of a one-day virtual event. These workshops will be highly focused on one specific area of Laser Additive Manufacturing. In between these online workshops there will also be special events such as individual invited speakers and roundtable discussions.

You may purchase access to one single event or purchase a subscription to all four workshops and special events for a discounted price!


An in-person event will be scheduled every other year for industry experts to come together and share the latest developments in the Laser Additive Manufacturing arena. Our first LAM Live event will be taking place in 2022, so make sure to check back for details!


The portal will provide numerous free resources for those interested in learning about LAM and those looking to increase their knowledge. In addition to free materials there will also be additional resources for subscribers. Subscribers to LAM Unlimited will have full access to all online workshops and special online events. Subscribers will also receive discounts to all in-person events.

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Join us for our first virtual workshop!

Our first workshop will be announced soon. Chairing this workshop will be Dr. Abdalla Nassar, an Associate Research Professor and a department head within the Materials Science Division of the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State. Please join Dr. Abdalla Nassar as he and his invited speakers kick off our very first virtual LAM Presents!

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